to build a great temple
these days
is such a hassle

no slave laborers
(thank goodness)
nor many volunteers

the cost
both in money and in time
is high as heaven

and the paperwork, the permits
the inspections
what a headache!

then if somehow one should manage
to erect a sacred palace
there’s neverending toil
just to stop it falling down


the Path of Fundraising
leaves little time
to pray


so why not build
the spirit house
from natural material
in places where inspectors cannot tread?

the temple in the heart
is eco-friendly
cheap to build
and the kids can’t scribble sex jokes in the loo

think of it:
no ego-wars or gossip in the clergy
(or, if there be, there’s only “me” to blame)

best of all
the world can come to services
for free
and we’ll never have to bug them for “support”

but tell me, Love
would you miss the shelter
of the arches?
the reverberating chorus of the dome?

the art?
the cushions?
the beverage at reception?
the being here
or not sitting at home?

would you miss
the wood and stone
enclosing us

does something in the structure
help you find
your way

if it’s worth all the trouble
i’ll still do it
for you

just promise me one thing:
go there
but don’t hide

the only true sanctuary
is ever



in these spheres:


Thoughts? I'm listening…

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