Category: Poetics

  • the roofless refuge

    for centuries a thousand lame excuses for war have driven the peaceful indoors love will you meet me in the meadow again we can’t survive the safety anymore

  • e m b r a c e

    lover we’ve arrived, but i am not your destination you have worlds to see beyond me and you must my prayer: i will be a floating portal moving with you as you go so you’ll be always moving through me never leaving me behind but never breaking from the journey to be with me the…

  • watering the empty plant

    watering the empty plant it’s still a good idea but let it not be me who lifts the jug

  • sanctuary

    to build a great temple these days is such a hassle no slave laborers (thank goodness) nor many volunteers the cost both in money and in time is high as heaven and the paperwork, the permits the inspections what a headache! then if somehow one should manage to erect a sacred palace there’s neverending toil just…

  • rain envy

    i too born of mist long to leap from cloudy comfort and disrobe for the evaporating ocean

  • jazz mission

      in my heaven the angels are jazz virtuosos they know when to put the horn down    

  • hati

    elephants don’t run away to the circus you are your own kind of wild stampeding into the dungeons of passion where’s the mahout who could match you?

  • clarification

    honestly i never understood just what you meant when you said “let there be light” was i resisting?