Taking Care

Just now starting to get my energy back after a surreal week. Feels good to be able to walk right again (no more significant dizziness), and i drove for the first time since the hearing loss.

Despite rhythmic waves of worry (what might happen to my career as a music producer, and what might be happening in my skull?), i’m mostly chill, doing a fairly good job staying cheerful and taking care. Juicing lots of carrots (which, i recently learned, are as good for the hearing as they are for the eyes, and also have enzymes that help nerve regeneration).

I’m feeling grateful for meditation and some degree of perspective: at least i know it’s just an ear, and i still have love and joy and everything else (just mixed in mono).

This week is for tests (MRI and 2 more docs tomorrow) and spending most of the rest of my time resting and doing my best to stay really relaxed and not think too much.


Thoughts? I'm listening…

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